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Discover our team's latest insights and ideas on disruptive technology, consumer trends, and emerging innovation models for accelerated growth. Whether you're looking to stay ahead of the curve or simply curious about disruption, we're here to guide you through it all.

Jon Corshen2 min read

CPG Meets the Metaverse

When it comes to the Metaverse, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands will find that there ...
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Jeff Way5 min read

Part I - Why Sustainable Packaging May Be Your Best Investment Yet

Pilot44 is a process that helps startups and large corporations unlock sustainability ...
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Jeff Way6 min read

4 Startups Driving Growth in the Circular Economy

Learn about how startups are helping big companies like Coca-Cola reduce their ...
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Jeff Way4 min read

A Framework For Building Supply Chain Resiliency

This post discusses the importance of resiliency and how to operationalize it within a ...
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Alison Tirone3 min read

The Future of eCommerce is Frictionless

How friction in check out leads to a drop in conversion; What a frictionless experience ...
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Mary Lague4 min read

3 Channels Your CPG Brand Should Be Exploring Now

The recent surge in hyperlocal commerce has been driven by the pandemic, but consumers’ ...
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Alison Tirone6 min read

5 Brands Proving Gaming Is The Next Big Marketing Opportunity

This blog post explores the world of gaming sponsorships, featuring examples from brands ...
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Mary Lague6 min read

Why Your Brand Should Bet Big On Livestream Shopping

The next big thing in shopping brings together three of the biggest trends in eCommerce: ...
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Mary Lague13 min read

10 Trends That Will Disrupt The CPG Market In 2021

CPG companies that are winning in AI have focused on critical areas, such as developing ...
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Mary Lague10 min read

The Covid-19 Pivot: 5 Brands Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

In the face of Covid-19, companies have had to get creative in order to continue meeting ...
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Mary Lague6 min read

Why Your Brand Needs A Sustainable Packaging Strategy

Sustainable packaging is no longer just an outlier. Big industry players like Nestle and ...
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