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About us

Venture Building
is the future of corporate innovation

We are a battle-tested group of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and marketing experts who help top brands understand the impact of emerging technologies and how they can be leveraged to power digital innovation. We’ve got the know-how and the horsepower to future-proof your businesses.

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200+ Pilots Launched Across dozens of global clients & industries
150+ Research Reports Comprehensive research reports on emerging technologies
$100M Value Created Combined cost saving & revenue generation
12 New Ventures Launched completely new brands and businesses
4 Global Offices International reach, local knowledge

Alternative Retail: New Paths to Better Sales

Interactive technologies are replicating the online experience in stores and capturing valuable data to deliver personalization.

Our Innovation Services

From new ideas
to revenue growth.

We are a battle-tested group of accomplished startup entrepreneurs, technologists and marketers solving complex business challenges for companies globally. We help companies accelerate innovation, transform brands and launch new businesses.


Understand the "art of the possible"

  • Strategic Opportunity Assessment
  • Market & Consumer Research
  • Technology Landscaping & Curation
  • Design Thinking & Workshops
Conceptualization & Validation

Turning ideas into tangible business concepts

  • Solution Design & Prototyping
  • Brand Identity & Messaging
  • Market / Consumer Validation Testing
  • Business & Financial Modeling
  • Venture Pitch Development
MVP Development

Design & build new solutions

  • Pilot Design & Pilot Development
  • Digital Experience Design
  • MVP Product Development
  • Commerce Systems
  • Full-stack Marketing Systems
  • Backend Operating Systems
  • Systems Integration Adapters
Piloting & Incubation

Experiment & learn in-market

  • Pilot Execution
  • Pilot Management
  • GTM Strategy & Launch
  • Ad Messaging & Creative
  • Performance Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Performance Analysis Reporting
Our Research Services

Research &
Education Offerings


Flash research

Comprehensive research reports on emerging technologies



Highly curated, immersive startup pitch events built around specific business challenges with a heavy focus on emerging technologies and business models


Venture building

Comprehensive training programs on how to accelerate new brand and business development using startup-centric tools & techniques


Lean innovation

Custom corporate innovation program design and coaching

our clients

Growth partner
to top companies

Our work

Success speaks for itself. Let’s talk about it anyway.

International Skincare Brand
  • AI
  • AR
  • Neural Networks
International Skincare Brand

How can we deeply engage our customer in a way that is personalized and relevant?

Iconic Fashion House
  • Growth Hacking
Iconic Fashion House

How quickly can teams be upskilled to accelerate front-end innovation for products and services effectively?

A Leading Insurer
  • AI Chatbot
  • Connected Healthcare
  • Conversational Commerce
  • IoT
  • Venture Building
A Leading Insurer

How do we move from ideation to conceptualizing and validating a new IoT technology in 6 months?

Global Food Brand
  • AI
  • New Business Models
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Personalization
  • Recommendations
Global Food Brand

How do we quickly develop a new viable direct-to-consumer channel that influences a younger demographic?

Global Confectioner
  • Growth Hacking
  • Ideation
  • In-Market Revenue
  • Validation
  • Venture Building
Global Confectioner

How do we build an organizational structure that supports innovation and delivers new products to market in less than a year?

Our approach

Gloves off.

Endless demos and analyst reports don’t move the needle. Action does. Our team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and brand executives give you the expertise and specialized experience you need to identify opportunities sooner and capitalize on them effectively—so you can stop worrying about growth and start driving it.

More about us

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