Open innovation training and program design



If you want to accelerate the flow of new ideas, you need to supercharge your skill set. Pilot44 Methods gives your team the tools, resources and knowledge they need to develop new skills in ways that revolutionize your entire organization.

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LiveLab Events

Want to go live faster? Get everyone on the same page. We kick the process into gear by hosting live events that enable your digital team to hand-pick emerging technologies from a curated group of innovators.

These custom-curated startup pitch events show your team what’s possible, and help your organization discover opportunities.


Innovation Process Design

Continuous innovation doesn’t just future-proof your business. It gives you the power to turn emerging trends and technologies into a competitive advantage.

Our strategies teach you how to think like a startup, and help you establish a culture of innovation across your company. Our expertise will help you design and develop internal accelerators and venture-building programs that drive agile innovation.


Startup Innovation Education

Build your organization’s knowledge of emerging technologies and the ways you can leverage them to transform your business.

We are lifelong learners. And we can teach your team focused ways to stay on top of the most relevant material for your business. Or the techniques startups use to move the needle, like growth hacking.


Flash Research

Sometimes all your team might need is a better understanding of the business landscape so they can chart a better course forward.

We deliver focused, on-call research & analysis to get your team the technology answers they need, in under one week.

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