Our Approach

Business-driven. Startup-informed.
  • Business-driven Approach

    All projects start with a clearly-defined business challenge brief to ensure that we do not chase shiny objects and instead deliver targeted value.

  • Multi-dimensional Perspective

    We look beyond a product-centric focus to explore new business models, new channels, new services, new technologies, new consumer experiences and the evolving path-to-purchase.

  • Venture-centric Methodology

    We utilize proven startup processes & tools including venture pitch development, cash flow pro forma modeling and gated funding events.

  • Hybrid Innovation Structure

    We roll up our sleeves to become part of the "founding team" and configure our services to match the expertise of our clients.

  • Integrated Systems & Tools

    We provide turnkey commerce, marketing and fulfillment systems with built-in integration adapters and performance analytics.

We are
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Andrew Backs Founder

Prior to co-founding Pilot44, Andrew led Procter & Gamble’s open innovation effort in Silicon Valley. He is an experienced corporate entrepreneur who spent 10 years at P&G and has marketing, retail, finance, M&A, partnership development & dealmaking experience. Andrew has a unique talent for bridging an entrepreneurial approach with the complexities of large company operations, cutting through the noise to bring meaningful solutions to market.

Jon Corshen Chief Technology Strategist

Jon is a co-founder and Chief Technology Strategist at Pilot44. A serial technology entrepreneur, Jon has helped build several successful start-ups across a variety of market sectors. Throughout his career, Jon has touched almost every aspect of software design, development, marketing and deployment at both start-ups and public companies. Jon is a recognized expert in areas of social media and networking, Web commerce and collaboration.

Meet Our
San Francisco

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    Manager, Innovation Strategy
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    Digital Business and Technology Strategist
  • member
    Digital Business and Technology Strategist
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    Director of Digital Strategy and Business Development
  • member
    Digital Business and Technology Strategist
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    Research Analyst
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    Chief Revenue Officer
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    Digital Business and Technology Strategist
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    Director, Digital and Business Strategy
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  • member
    Director of People Operations | Senior Innovation Strategist
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    Vice President of Research
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    Senior Research and Innovation Strategist
  • member
    Director, Digital and Business Strategy
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    Research Analyst

And from elsewhere...

Johnny Managing Partner - Asia Pacific

Johnny is an experienced corporate innovator with more than a decade of experience across innovation and marketing strategy. Prior to joining Pilot44, he was Global Head of the Unilever Foundry, the company’s global platform for partnering with the world's best startups to accelerate innovation on a global scale. As one of the leading FMCG experts in technology and innovation, Johnny has scouted thousands of startups, driven pilot projects and brokered partnerships for corporates. Johnny has extensive experience in helping large companies to drive growth and competitive advantage through accelerated digital transformation.

Clémence Manche
Clémence Manche Research Analyst

Malcolm Lee
Malcolm Lee Research Analyst
Stephanie Braude
Stephanie Braude Senior Solutions Strategist

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